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"My father used to take me to galleries and art dealers,

I breathed art since I was a child, I've been painting since I was 12"

The painting is not finished until

I do the embroideries with

the marker.


"Orderly chaos."

From a very young age, Quirino Gnutti, born in Desenzano del Garda on 11 October 1986, displayed an innate capacity to reproduce what he saw in his mind’s eye.

Art has always played a crucial role in Quirino’s life: ‘ordinary’ and yet extraordinary, it is the representation of a world which, like the artist himself, is on a constant quest for beauty.

After graduating in accountancy, he decided on a career in the family business, moving firstly to Boston in the United States and then to Madrid, Spain and later to Chicago. Through his work for the company, he spent seven years traveling around the world. However, art would intrude upon his life despite everything.

Almost unconsciously, his vocation for painting continued to be fed by his travels and life.


Fabric, colors and abstractionism forced their way irresistibly into his art. And thus his first works began to take shape, leading to his departure from the family business

in April 2017.

Quirino had made his life choice: colors, sketches and abstract art on huge velvet sheets, crisscrossed by ‘frills’, the hallmark

of this work.“I abandoned the certain for

the uncertain, but I am the happiest

man on earth”.

Through elements of nature, the seasons, space and galaxies, Quirino expresses his desire to escape from a predefined orbit and generate new universes of emotions and suggestions.

«I abandoned the certain for the uncertain, but I am the happiest man on earth»

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