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del mio


Vittoriale degli Italiani

From 17 March to 1 December 2018


A dialogue between the past, present and future of contemporary art, as a symbol of free and passionate expression. This encapsulates the exhibition of the works of Quirino Gnutti, L’illusione del mio tempo [the illusion of my time], which ran from 17 March to 1 December 2018 in one of the most evocative spaces at ll Vittoriale degli Italiani, the MAS.

This enthralling and famous room, dedicated to the anti-submarine vessel, used by Gabriele D’Annunzio for one of his most famous feats, the ‘Beffa di Buccari’ (Bakar Mockery) in 1918, showcased thirty large-format works, all created using acrylic paints on velvet, representing some of Quirino’s main themes. These include elements of nature, the seasons, space and galaxies.


This was how Giordano Bruno Guerri, President of the Vittoriale Foundation and curator of the exhibition, chose to describe the initial impact of Quirino’s work, in his introduction to the catalog published by Contemplazioni: “… I am captivated by something I have never seen before: huge sheets, which are no longer sheets, since they are covered with velvet dappled with colors, in turn covered in doodles, doodles, doodles. Like life… But would D’Annunzio have liked it? This is the question I always ask myself, before welcoming an artist within the three circles of walls here. And yes, he would have loved this brilliant opalescence, this orderly chaos, these pathways without end, this precious fabric.”


These sentiments are echoed, in describing the Q Universe, by Sara Pallavicini, responsible for the artistic direction of the project, together with Giovanni C. Lettini and Stefano Morelli: “Q escapes from the orbit of a predefined solar system to head for new galaxies – its own galaxies – in one of which, at a certain point, a new Big Bang occurs.

All the works in his universe are produced in an eternal condition of chaos, because in the Q universe (something we should not lose sight of) everything happens at random, entirely free from any relationship of cause and effect.

Within Q, the consequence factor is not contemplated but, at most, interpreted. Perhaps, in a few light years, it is this unique feature that will reveal his work and research».

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Exhibition curated by

Giordano Bruno Guerri

Artistic direction

Giovanni C. Lettini

Stefano Morelli

Sara Pallavicini

A project developed by

Contemplazioni, l’impresa della cultura


Nicolò Brunelli

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